Sunday, July 26, 2009


"do you like films?"

"yes. how do you know?"

"because you're still here"

remember last week when you ajak me for breakfast, but you were late and we ended up having lunch instead, and your office had a H1N1 outbreak, but you didn't care and made very inappropriate jokes, and then we looked over the presentations with ali, and you were advising the newbies about how important it was to draw upon life experiences, and you showed me your new advertisements, and then you told me that i have to accept people for who they are, and you asked me if i wanted to do architecture, and i said i wanted to do everything, and then you decided to tumpang my car and i took you to Tv3 for your meeting, but the CEO wasn't there so i guess the meeting had to be adjourned to the following week cause you had to to take a plane to langkawi to celebrate your father's sevety-seventh birthday?

"not one less."

you taught me so much about film-making, about love, about life.

i love you mak.


effie said...

my condolence..alfatihah..

YaYa said...

im sorry, faiz. Hope youre holding up. will doakan for her, indeed.

... said...
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... said...
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Ashkarya said...

it's so sad. i really dunno what to say....

-I-am-Me- said...

May Allah bless her soul. I hope you're coping well. Take care.

nadirah said...

when i first heard it i thought of you.
i am still thinking of you



Cik Remyza said...

pray for her...!!


Pao Pao said...

I thought of u the moment i read the news..
My condolence..

nana said...

You must stay strong coz she's watching you from above.
My al-fatihah to Ms Yasmin.

Muhammad said...

faiz ,

kuatkan hati ya.
kamu sudah buat yang terbaik.

ingat....masih ada jalan yang belum kaki kamu lalui. Jadi berjalanlah..sahabat ku