Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i live in a free country
and i realize that i can do whatever the fuck i want to !

today is one of those days
where one thing led to another
and suddenly i was transported to a world i had not known before
i am a small fry
but it was a valuable learning experience

oh, and a friend told me i look a lot better now
compared to last month
and i am reminded of another friend's advice
"you have to take care of yourself. and look good"
and i'm working on that right now
and i ate dinner
three times today!

sure i think it sucks
to be alone and all
but i am becoming the person that i want to be
and heck
if i'm lucky enough
i won't spend my life alone
but with someone who loves me for who i am

and i shall live ethically
unlike some people
i am aware of the consequences of my actions
how it affects others

we don't live forever
but we can chose the way in which we lead our lives

be honest. be intelligent. and be nice.

and hey
i know you miss me ;p you'll never admit this but i know you do

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