Sunday, July 19, 2009

a moment of clarity

1. primo

last night, we were supposed to hang out at a friend's house, but then i decided to go to a club. just because. we were there ten minutes before the place got raided. i have a problem you see : i can't pee when told to. this happens even in hospitals.

"engkau tak merokok kan?"


"tapi bibir kau merah lah. betul ke ni?"


"so bapak kau kerja apa?"

i could have been reprimanded. i tried to pee for hours. at the end of the night, in a miraculous twist of fate, i got a policeman to voluntarily pee into my cup. yes, i did.

"ni yang last ni mesti sangkut", said (another) policeman as i handed the cup to be tested

ten minutes later, i left a free man. i drove back home, and witnessed, a lone white bird flying towards me.

2. secondi

another strange thing happened last night. i came back home really late. and really tired. i took off my pants and went straight to bed, and shut my eyes. for once, i experienced blackness. then i said a little prayer.

"i knew i'd sleep well today" :)

moments later. my eyelids shut. i felt a flick of 'light'. i did not think much of this, because i have felt 'it' before. at times the flickering is so intense i wouldn't be able to sleep at all. but last night, it was just a flick, followed by blackness. i opened my eyes, slowly.

and right in front of me a closet door was left open.

strange. i looked intently into the closet interior, searching for something i did not know existed. perhaps i should have felt fear. but, on the contrary, i felt really safe, and calm, and relaxed.

the closet door incident also happened a week ago, but i never thought much of it then. and it happened again later in afternoon, i remember shutting the closet door and found it, yet again, open. i asked everyone at home if they looked into my closet. but no one did.

perhaps this was its way of telling me of its existence. and that perhaps ... i should trust my instincts a little more. or perhaps i'm just bat-shit crazy

3. dolce

"you look familiar. what do you do?"


"i'm in architecture! but interior architecture"

"no way?! so where do you plan to go next"

"boston, or melbourne university"

"you're kidding me. i'm in melbourne uni!"


a moment before, from the steps, a boy came out of nowhere, hiding in the club store room, and asked me "what's going on?". "a raid. narcotics" i told him.

"i'm underage. and i might get busted of they tested me"

thank god he was safe.


Vernon Kedit-Jolly said...


"so bapak kau kerja apa?"

the right answer would always do the trick. and i believe you gave him one.


then i said a little prayer.

so you're not an atheist after all.


thank god he was safe.

you're definitely not an atheist.

(nothingness) said...

okok i changed "entree" to "primo". somehow italian restaurants in melbourne still use the word "entree" and i couldn't figure the correct word out.

and no, i guess i'm not an atheist. i have this thing in my mind that i have always wanted to say. nanti lah :p

effie said...

faiz,r u in msia??

(nothingness) said...


Muhammad said...

owh..kenapa me tak tahu ??

effie said...

yeay..faiz in msia!!!

Firdauz takes five said...

was blog hopping, found your blog

so i read all the posts and love them

hi there