Friday, July 24, 2009

a summary

"do you want to go to the shout awards?"

"eh. you're not going?"

"no. my father turns 77 soon, and i want to celebrate his birthday with him in langkawi. seventy-seven. we don't know how much time he has left"


"so what do you want in life?"

"i want to be loved"

"but you are loved!"

"... ok (who, really?).
then ... i don't know what i want"

"exactly. nobody really knows what they want"


this is my seven week holiday in a nutshell:

i lost the love of my life within the first two days

and in the final two days
the woman who cares for me like her own son
the one i owe my life for
fell into a comatose


G Wan said...

omg faiz, c'est la vie.. (as cliche as it sounds)

let's pray she'll open her beautiful eyes again to see the world and lead us thru her lense.

stay strong! x

Muhammad said...


lihat..ada bintang di luar
mungkin kecil
tapi ttp Ada-Nya