Tuesday, November 24, 2009

003 the gift

>his home<

[a slow rhythm of footsteps along the corridor
a cigarette in one hand, her bag in the other.
she walks towards the end. to a door.
smokes a final puff, and butts the ciggie in a pot of plants.]

[she stands silent for eleven seconds.
to muster the courage
and turns the door knob.]

[the house is silent.]

[she sees a painting on an otherwise empty black wall.
a figuration of a woman.
and on the floor against that wall
incense sticks. burning.]

[she walks in. and heads to the bedroom]

[there he lies on the bed. as if he was dead.
his back facing the entrance.]

"hi. it's me"

[no reaction. he remains motionless]

"it's 6 pm. and i can't be here very long."

"but i brought you ... a gift."

[she smiles. takes 'the gift' out of her bag and shakes it.]

"i'm putting this on the table. okay?"

[she places 'the gift' on a side table adjacent to the bed. her eyes well up.]

[she puts her bag on the floor. and then gets on the bed.
and hugs him from behind. a longing hug.
she cries. and he cries along]

[she wipes his tears off his face.
and whispers something into his ears. for a whole minute.]

"i need to go"

[he turns around and hugs her]

"okay. do you need anything?"

"no, i'm good."

[he lifts her up from the bed. hugging her all the way to the other side of the room.]

"take care."

"you too."

[a goodbye]

>her home<

[she stands in front of her own door.
she no longer cries.
but sadness never left her face.]

[she looks for her keys in her bag
and finds 'the gift'.

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