Tuesday, December 22, 2009



hasn't been necessarily been kind to me

the year launched with a renewed commitment

which dissolved almost as quickly as it happened

leaving me almost completely battered and destroyed

six months of anguish, death, anger, emotional outbursts, betrayal

to the point that i felt that it was god's way

of punishing me for my pride

for the most part of the rest of year

i was going back and forth

between my self-destructive, needy ways and the need to get through uni


the year is coming to a close

and what a year has it been!

the grief subsided after five months, finally.


when i least expected

there you were

"like a rainbow after the storm"

corny, yes. but true nevertheless.

after so long circumstances have denied us

it happens

as if fate was waiting for the right time


it fears me to say how i really feel

so i hide behind abstract words of multiple interpretations


but i do love you