Wednesday, January 13, 2010


people come and go
however ...

for 3 2/3 years
this place has been my only constant

intangible, yes
but perpetual, regardless

it has seen many tragedies, much love
and countless accounts of stupidity

in other words,
this place knows me better than i know of my own self

recently i thought of starting afresh
be anonymous

delete the blog.
because after all, everything will come to an end

the reason i built this place
was to record, to 'remember'

"whatever remains in my memory now. i hope i never forget."
i said 34 months ago

i became the dweller
of my own dreams

i compare love to horizons
its manifestation merely constructed by my eyes

everything here has been about coding signs
and poeticising nostalgia of senses

but right now
i only want to forget

the "power of forgetting" permits one to feel absolved,
to abandon one as to welcome another.

to paraphrase deleuze and guattari

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