Friday, January 22, 2010

last post from melbourne


it is rare that i talk about my life here

it is 9 am
soon i will leave the place
that has been such a huge part of me growing up
for one, i am rarely the sentimental kind
but these next six hours
will be overwhelmed with intense sensations

i am lying in bed, eyes shut
absorbing the atmosphere that i will miss so much
breathing, listening, perceiving
the grinding sound the trams and trains
the cool dry morning air
the glisten of the morning light diffused on the frosted wall

for the most part of yesterday
i walked alone to the city to pay my final respects
to my favourite latte, from the cafes of the seven seeds
my favourite shop, trimapee, and bought some beautiful clothes
and later the day, my favourite unagi don, at a quiet restaurant
with some close friends

but it's really the people that matters most
as detached as i seem at times
i really appreciate meeting all these wonderful people
thank you for taking a chance to know me
and being so sweet
i have met a lot of good people in my life

to home
la casa

"it will all be alright,
i'll be home tonight,
i'm coming back home."


Anonymous said...

somehow this seem to fit perfectly with your post. :) melbourne would definitely be missin you, but anyway, welcome home. :)

Miss Aida said...

Welcome home.

I'll miss you. :) It'll be strange being in Melbourne and not having random random moments.

Melbourne will miss Faiz Akhbar.

And by the way, you still owe me that picture from mX.