Wednesday, March 24, 2010


why does every time i have serious talk with you,
you pull out statements such as these:

"i'm sorry."
"i'm only using you."
"hypothetically, what if i had chosen you?"
"you and i. we are simply friends."
"i do and say what i feel."
"i'm sorry."
"this is who i am now. you have to accept it or leave it. "
"i know what i'm doing and it's the right thing."
"i have the right not to tell you."
"you and i, we are nothing special anymore."
"i'm sorry."
"you know so little about me."

these declarations
they seemed to me
not simply things you want to tell me
but also things you need to tell yourself.

i guess you have grown up.

"i had enough of you telling me what i should do."
that was a peculiar one
especially since i only did that once
who were you really talking to?

congratulations, anyway
i bet she would be so proud

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